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  • How to recover after exercise
    Why recovery is importantPost-exercise recovery is critical for muscle tissue repair and strength building, especially after high-intensity training. Because muscles take 24 to 48 hours to repair and rebuild, retraining too soon will only lead to tissue failure rather than building. For a strength training routine, it is best not to work for the same muscle group two days in a row. 1. Drink...
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  • How to Make an Ice Pack
    OverviewThere are many questions concerned with an ice pack when using or making it. Improper use of ice packs not only worsens the pains and injuries but also postpones the recovery and results in potential risks. Ice compresses are used in many medical disciplines. For example, shock patients use ice caps to protect brain tissue, and fever patients use underarm ice packs to physically cool...
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  • When should I Use Ice Pack or Heat Pack for Pain
    Overview In our daily life, it is very easy to confuse muscle soreness with injuries. In addition, for different conditions, you should use a different method to treat. An ice pack or heat pack? We guess many people are confused about which one to apply. Today’s article is going to introduce the mechanism of an ice pack and heat pack. Here are general conditions. If you get hurt,...
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  • How Long to Keep an Ice Pack on
    Timing of Ice PackThe time and frequencies of ice treatment or ice compress are vital details when it comes to using an ice pack. In the first place, it does not mean the longer ice treatment the better, or the more times the better. It has risks of getting hurt if ice is compressed too long and so many times, which finally results in a longer recovery. It is recommended to use small doses of...
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  • Should you ice pack your injuries?
    A timely ice pack for soft tissue injury is a good treatment to relieve pain, for example, spraining the ankle. Ice pack the feet or injuries has become the trend for more and more athletes. What people feel is different from what science says. Over the years, sports medicine has had a strong argument over the ice treatment, whether it is good for the recovering of tissues or it is a good way...
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