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  • Audio Player for WooCommerce
    Generate a music marketplace by selling the audio files with WooCommerce audio player. It enables you to offer audio files for online streaming and download. Customize audio players according to your preferences with this plugin. You can update the thumbnails, theme, colors of buttons and bars of the audio player. Music Player for WooCommerce supports audio files like MP3, MP4A, ...
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  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WooCommerce
    Enable customer Support by displaying Facebook chat bubble on multiple pages with WooCommerce Facebook chatbot. This plugin allows you to automate replies in three different forms i-e text, URLs, or postback. You can configure up to three chat blocks for conditional replies as per Facebook policy. You can initialize default messages with or without images. Chatbot for WooCommerce allows the...
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  • User Roles Editor for WooCommerce
    Manage store by assigning multiple roles based on the product and cart conditions by using the WooCommerce role manager. The plugin enables the store owner to automatically assign and switch roles of the users based on the conditions. By assigning role admin empowers users to access more products. Admin can set criteria for user role assigning and switching with a specific schedule. Role...
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  • Cart Limits for WooCommerce
    Put limitations on the product purchase to control the distribution of the products with WooCommerce quantity manager. The plugin allows the store owner to limit product amounts as well as quality.When the cart limit is reached then it stops customers from adding more products they can only replace products. Customers can only replace the first or last item added to the cart. WooCommerce Cart...
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