A Pickaxe is a Tool used in the Mining gathering skill in New World. The players ' inventory must be present before collecting ore from veins or Stone from Boulders. So it is an essential tool for those who have chosen mining as one of their gathering professions, as well as Stonemasons and Blacksmiths. It's even crucial in the advancement of Settlements. Here's how to get hold of the Pickaxe, along with what resources can be gathered and the professions that use it as a base tool.
Pickaxes can be obtained from the following:
Crafting at a camp
Crafting at a crafting station in a settlement
As rewards for completing quests
Drops from enemies
From the Trading Post
Be mindful that only Tier 1 tools can be made within your camp. The best way to get the better Pickaxes is through the crafting station, which will require Engineering. We recommend buying them at Trading Posts if you have many new world gold.
Also, Just like with weapons, tools have different tiers. The higher your level, the better the tools you can equip. There are five different tiers for the Pickaxe, each with increasing bonuses:
Tier I - Flint Mining Pick - Gathering speed: 100%.
Tier II - Iron Mining Pickaxe - Gathering speed: 125% and above.
Tier III - Steel Mining Pickaxe - Gathering speed: 250% and above.
Tier IV - Starmetal Mining Pickaxe - Gathering speed: 400% and above.
Tier V - Orichalcum Mining Pickaxe - Gathering speed: 635% and above.
For even better tools, try adding perks and Azoth when crafting your new set of hardware. Special resources and Azoth can be used while crafting to grant useful bonus perks, like increased durability, extra resources harvested, or faster gathering speeds. For tools you'll likely be using for a decent amount of time, it's definitely worth investing a few more resources to snag some useful bonuses. Here are some key examples that work well with the Pickaxe:
Steel Miner's Charm - Adds Prospector's Discipline - grants 3.0% more Mining experience.
Starmetal Miner's Charm - Adds Mining Luck perk - grants 2.0% chance of finding rare items.
Orichalcum Minor Charm - Adds Mining Yield perk - grants 10% more resources.
Last, homeowners can add Trophies to their furnishings, which grant additional bonuses. While these require a significant investment for the resources, they can add huge boosts to your mining. For example, Luck helps you obtain better and more varied resources and special resources used for unlocking perks.
Simply put, having better tools pickaxe goes a long way towards increasing gathering speeds, making them a must-have as you progress through the game. If you want to know more guides, please visit here!