Led intelligent emergency lights can be used as traditional lighting fixtures or emergency lights during power outages. When the LED smart emergency light is installed, there is no need to change the original wiring structure, nor does it need to change the user's usage habits, as long as the LED smart emergency light product is purchased to replace the existing lamps.

The led intelligent emergency light combines the two functions of led lighting and emergency lighting into one. When the mains power is connected, the led intelligent emergency light can be used for lighting and charging. When the normal power supply is cut off, it will automatically switch to Emergency lighting, the battery inside the lamp body can keep the lamp on for several hours during power failure. At the same time, the switch can continue to control the switch of the lamp body.

 The application scope of led intelligent emergency lights is still very wide. Generally it can be installed in factories, schools, airports, hospitals, hotels, large office buildings and other places, and it can also be installed in home courtyard corridors, stairwells, balconies and other places.

On the whole, led smart emergency lights are not expensive, but can provide more convenient lighting for everyone in the event of a power outage. Like friends may wish to choose.


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