Industrial Sprocket has a method called roll-rolling, which is a method of extruding a blank with a die and processing it into a desired shape. It is called plastic deformation or plastic processing using professional terms, because there is no discarded leftover corner. Therefore, this processing method is very economical. Most of the batch products such as bolts and small screws are rolled and formed, and sometimes they are also used for gear processing.

There are many ways to roll-roll forming of gears. The first is to finish the parts with machining allowance after machining. It is a way to rotate the rolling rolls and squeeze the parts to be processed at the same time. The second method is to use this finishing method to directly process the gear from the blank, but this method is limited to processing small parts with low accuracy. The third method is to first use a roller die to process a long rod-shaped gear, and then cut this long rod industrial sprocket to the required size, and then manufacture it by installing secondary processing such as the hub, shaft, and machining hole. The processing method of the finished product is a material with a cloth hardness of less than Hb180, which can process parts with a maximum size of 3.5mm. When the number of teeth is small, it can be conveyed at a speed of 38mm / min, so it is a very efficient processing method.

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