On weekdays, housewives often use chemicals when cleaning their kitchens and homes. Although they are convenient to use, they can not only hurt their hands but also affect health to varying degrees. The manufacturers of China Stainless Steel Sink will teach you Coup, it's easy to use, effective, low carbon and save money. Try it.
1. Overnight tea cleaning method: Sprinkle some overnight tea leaves in the sink, and use an old toothbrush to dipped the tea leaves repeatedly to brush the water stains, which can quickly remove the water stains.
2. Method for cleaning leftovers: Vegetable leftovers, such as celery root, radish, and onion skin, can be used to wipe off water stains, which is convenient for saving silver and is very effective.
3. Loofah cleaning method: Sprinkle some cooking wine on the loofah and repeatedly wipe the water stains. Not only are there no traces of water stains, but the stainless steel sink is bright.
4. Peel cleaning method: Use peeled peels such as grapefruit peel and apple peel to clean, and use the pulp-affixed part to repeatedly wipe the water stains, which is easy, effective and aromatic.

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