Berserker Pure. It's a variant of OSRS gold Rune Pure which utilizes 45 Defence to provide players access to either Berserker Helm or Fighter Hat. As they provide far better bonuses than Rune Helm, this additional five levels in Defence are preferable. Most of these Zerkers will even finish Recipe for Disaster for Barrows Gloves, which are the best in slot gloves at the sport.

Void Pure. Void Pures are usually rangers because Rune Crossbow is already painful and combined with Void Knight equipment can be even deadlier. Void Knight equipment is untradeable and, thus, cannot be dropped on reduced Wilderness levels. Players who choose this path, usually focus on receiving high Ranged levels while keeping low melee stats. Defence level is frequently the same as Zerkers, so it remains around level 45. As a result of this, the usual Combat Level of Voider ought to be around 70 and 100.

Mage Pure. It is a particular type of a single Defence Pure which concentrates on increasing Magic levels. Certainly, among the strongest and most lethal Pure from the game. Magic users may cast various spells, so the goal won't know what hit him before it happens. There is a Wide Array of spells to take down targets from Ancient Magics, Flames of Zamorak, and Hazardous Staff of the Dead. Additionally, those accounts normally have quite low Combat Levels (around 40 to 60), making them even more hazardous.

Mage Tank. It might seem like a bizarre idea, and many people believe that it is. People who have chosen to go this route often maximize both Defence and Magic stats. They sacrifice low Combat Levels to reach increased Defence, which allows them to wear better magic armour. It's typically done due to the elevated risk that comes from enjoying a Mage Pure. This build requires sporting top tier sets, which could lead to a considerable gold loss in buy RuneScape gold the event of defeat.