Are you thinking about getting the green certificate for your home? Are you sure it's worth it? Have you thought about the advantages or the benefits kingdom valley Islamabad location map it will bring to you? Do you want to be among the 79 percent of property owners that are expected to construct green properties by the year 2018? If you have answered Yes Tothese questions, read the rest of the article and learn the advantages of having your home certified green.


  • Reduced Operating CostsThe high quantity of operating costs always put a strain on the pockets of owners of properties. If you think that having a property is something that can help shape one's future cutting down on operating expenses is a sure way to save money. Numerous studies show that green buildings are known to payback around seven to eight years, depending on the type of improvements carried out to enhance energy efficiency environmental sustainability, aesthetics, and sustainability. Based on one research the operating cost can be reduced as high as 13 percent. When a landlord converts his property to rental the property, he could reap an increased profit of margin by charging premium rents over rivals that aren't green certified.
  • Lower Vacancy RatesOwners who are looking to secure their children's future will likely decide to convert their homes into rentals. And by doing green retrofits you can increase the likelihood of the house being rental. Tenants are also more likely to renew their leases as a result of the advantages they received in the first month of renting. Again, studies show it is easier to find a low vacancy rate for green properties. They are about 4% less as compared to property rentals that aren't eco-certified.
  • Surge in Investor Interest:Green buildings show consistent top scores in terms energy efficiency. They also demonstrate consistently the highest rates of retention of tenants causing investors to be driven towards them. If in such instance an investor wants to add your property to its portfolio, it is an instant proof that their business is committed to sustainability. It is a bonus for shareholders who continuously be on the lookout for ways that the business they invest into has social responsibility. Therefore, make sure you have your home certified green. It's more than the things you can boast that it is green!
  • Avoid Being Tagged of Green Washing. With green buildings come the closely linked term of green washing. This term refers to labeling the building green when in actuality it is not. It is an obvious sign of lying to customers. If it's proven, it may bring headache to the owner and property manager. If you're certified green, you instantly get rid of the tag and will not be identified as such because there is proof.