1. The integrated making machinery production line can meet production needs and produce various production lines and production lines.
  2. High scalability, assembly lines and assembly lines can meet the requirements of factory production lines.
  3. In order to save production costs, the assembly line can save production workers. To a certain extent, the assembly line has realized a certain degree of automated production line, the early investment is not large, and the assembly line has received a good return.

Features of assembly line

  1. The assembly line has a high degree of specialization.
  2. The production line is a closed process. According to the sequence of the production line, the production line is a one-way movement process between labor objects.
  3. The processing time of each procedure of the production line is the same as that of the production line.
  4. The production process of the assembly line is uniformly beaten. The so-called failure of the assembly line refers to the time interval between two adjacent products.

The form of assembly line

  1. According to the movement of the object, the line can be divided into a fixed line and a moving line.
  2. According to the number of production lines, production lines can be divided into single production lines and various production lines.
  3. The production line can be divided into linear production line and discontinuous production line according to continuous production mode.
  4. The way the assembly line realizes the rhythm can be divided into mandatory line and free assembly line.
  5. According to the degree of mechanization, the production line can be divided into three major production lines: manual, mechanized, and automated.

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