Die Casting Supplier introduces what are the reasons for the lack of casting of die castings?

1. Poor filling and under-casting are irregular condensed metal, mainly due to insufficient pressure, insufficient pressure, and premature solidification of the metal that has been active in the front, which will directly cause corners, deep recesses, and thin walls of castings. Undercasting; the temperature of the mold is too low; the pouring temperature of the liquid is too low during pouring; the setting of the inner gate is improper, causing greater resistance to movement;

2. The gas is obstructed and the surface of the casting part is not lubricated, but the shape is irregular. When the overflow system is installed, the position is difficult to determine, and the gas will continue to accumulate; the molten metal is active and flows violently, and the gas will be involved;

3. There will be residues in the mold cavity. If the amount of paint or the spraying method is incorrect, it will cause the deposition of local paint. Because the molding gap is relatively large, the sliding cooperation gap is also relatively large, and it is easy to enter the metal when filling. When the casting is pulled out, the metal cannot be completely taken out but is sandwiched in the gap.

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