With a wide selection of products available, it is easy to find a solution that meets your specific needs. These dispensers can vary in size, shape, and function, and many feature large-format touch-screen displays. This technology makes it easy to program and set up new operations. It also has fully automated pressure regulation, so there is no need to worry about manual programming. Choosing the best dispenser for your needs will ensure accuracy and efficiency.

The EFD series, designed for use in medical applications, features the latest in technology. This model is the first of its kind to incorporate Smart Factory components, offering increased process control and increased ease of operation. The dispenser's touchscreen allows you to program different parameters, such as dispense rate, volumetric quantity, and metering accuracy. Once you have selected the best model, you can then begin your project. There are a number of benefits to this technology.

One of the most exciting features of this dispenser is its USB drive. With the USB drive, you can distribute dispense programs and reports across multiple dispensers. This reduces programming time by allowing you to set up one dispenser with multiple programs and then export the settings to the flash drive. This feature helps to eliminate human error and improve process control. These features are a great convenience for the manufacturing floor, and will make your job easier!

The MultiShot feature is a feature available in all versions of the UltimusPlus. This technology allows you to program dozens of deposits in just a single cycle, or hundreds of deposits with a foot pedal press. After every deposit, a pause is automatically programmed. This technology allows for the operator to position the tip on the next part and execute the same shot. This feature is especially beneficial in plants that utilize compressed air for dispensing.

The Nordson EFD fluid dispenser has been developed to meet strict medical device requirements. It features Smart Factory components to improve process control and ease of use. The multishot model has been designed with many features to meet the demands of many industries. Its multishot mode allows you to perform dozens of deposits in a single cycle. It is also compatible with most kinds of pharmaceuticals. This type of unit is available in different sizes and configurations.

The MultiShot feature is a great advantage for many applications. Using a multishot unit saves your time by eliminating the need for manual input of coordinates. Depending on your needs, you can purchase several types of nozzles, such as a single-shot or a multi-shot. You can choose between different fluids to dispensing tips. Some dispensers are even equipped with an indicator light that will show you how much product you've used in a certain period of time.

The MultiShot function can help you reduce the costs of operating a Fluid Dispenser by reducing the number of programs you need to manage. With a touch-screen interface, you can easily navigate menus and settings. The software has a feature called MultiShot that allows you to save a few minutes in programming each time you need to change a specific dispense program. This feature can be a real time-saver for many industrial applications.

The MultiShot function is a great feature of a Fluid Dispenser. By pressing a single button, you can engage the MultiShot mode and make deposits. The MultiShot can be programmed to make dozens or even hundreds of deposits in a single cycle. Between deposits, a pause is programmed to give you time to position the tip on the next part. Afterward, the system repeats the entire process, which significantly reduces operating costs.

A Fluid Dispensers is a machine that is used to disperse different types of fluids. It can dispense adhesives, silicone, paints, detergents, lubricants, food, and more. It can also be programmed to do a variety of different things. Aside from dispensed materials, fluids may also include chemicals, lubricants, and even foodstuffs.