Android is highly popular and one of the most widely used operating system platforms for mobiles available today.  By the end of 2022, it is expected that the Android platform will have about 87% market share.  Because of its features and functions, it makes it ideal for developers and programmers to build personalized and customized apps for the Android platform. similar to smartphones, Android also dominates the tablet market and is sleeping into the territories of computers, vehicles, set-top boxes, and smart gadgets. The main beneficial factor that Android has to offer to customers is its ability to be highly customized as per one’s requirements.


Because Android popularity has skyrocketed, it becomes difficult and a daunting task for consumer companies and organizations to select the correct framework that will help them in Android app development.  When trying to figure out which is the best platform for Android app development, get lost in the mail due to the confusion and competition.


With a view to helping others sort through the difficulties in selecting the best framework for Android app development, we have put forward and compiled the best frameworks you can use for Android development. 


What is an Application Framework?

The main use of an application framework is to help programmers and developers put together the final app version for the client depending on his or her requirements. A Framework is necessary in order to put the foundation of the app in strong order. A Framework provides an architecture that is a nest with additional features as well as functionality such as graphics special effects and animation.


Many similarities are found in different Android frameworks, and each Framework has distinct characteristics that make them better for application development and deployment.  The frameworks needs to be selected depending on the requirements and needs of the client that encompasses the different features that the app is going to have.

Top 5 best frameworks For Android Application Development:



Ionic enables developers and designers to develop a portable web app that works seamlessly across Android platforms and devices. Using HTML5, css3, and JavaScript developers and programmers are able to create progressive apps that are hybrid in nature.  Ionic provides great platform capabilities maintaining the cross-platform capability that Apps have because of the ionic build. 

Ionic is one of the most popular frameworks out there that helps developers to build hybrid apps that are effective for Major requirements of app development. Ionic also provide support to developers for third-party tools such as Cordova and Angular.


Flutter is a multi-platform developed and supported by Google.  Flutter is used by developers and programmers that enables them to build distinctive apps for the Android platform.  The main language used in flutter is the Dart language.  Dart enables developers and programmers to build cross-platform hybrid apps that have near-to-native functionality and efficiency. The development of hybrid apps is equally efficient and sufficed by the flutter framework flutter also enables support for third-party plugins and tools that works well with application frameworks architecture. 



Xamarin is Microsoft's answer to the development of a hybrid framework useful for developing Android as well as iOS apps.  This framework makes use of and utilizes C Sharp code in order to create cloud-based apps as well as domestic local apps that work well with the Android platform and provide enhanced functionality and features without the need to download any data from the internet. 

Xamarin provides developers and programmers with the ability to uniquely customized apps according to the customer's requirement and develop apps as per the need and requirements of the customer.  This very much works well with other third-party plugins and tools also.


React Native: 

React native is a robust open-source framework that has the support of Facebook.  React native provides sufficient compatibility that enables developers and programmers to use different development tools for the integrated development environments.  React native functions as an excel and JavaScript library. React native is being used by popular companies such as Tesla, Instagram, Facebook, and many another fortune 500 companies. 

The API provided by react  native is cross-platform in nature which means that developers and programmers can read and execute code on any dependable platform.  React-native works well with third-party tools and plugins also.

jQuery Mobile:

Android developers and designers can make use of the jQuery mobile application framework.  This Framework is built on HTML5, which is regarded as one of the most basic tools for launching mobile applications.  The major fact is that the entire Framework is coded in HTML without even using JavaScript is going to be a huge advantage for developers and designers looking forward to using this framework.

This Framework as the ability to considerably simplify and handle CSS animations using ajax.

Developers and programmers can make use of inbuilt themes to customize the application's look and feel as per the needs and requirements of the customer.


Conclusion: So these are the top 5 application frameworks for Android app development. You can Hire Android Developer if you are looking for Android App Development.