“Good writing is clear, concise and correct. Great writing captivates, engages and motivates.” – Lisa Horn

Have you noticed how a spectacular essay looks? What are the key points that make it remarkable?

Writing a stellar essay is an essential academic skill. It is not a mere process of writing your thoughts on a piece of paper. A remarkable writer not only portrays thoughts for one’s benefit, but also for the benefit of the readers.

Anyone can write an essay, but it does not necessarily mean that everyone can write a spectacular essay. It takes time, skills, practice and patience to learn the trick. An essay written expertly will never fail to leave behind a long-lasting impression on the readers.



Let’s have a look at the characteristic features of an exemplary essay:

  1. An exceptional essay always contains a storybuy assignment online that never fails to captivate the attention of the readers.


  1. It is well organised and arranged according to the prescribed MLA or APA format. 1-inch margin, 10 or 12 point font and double spacing are used throughout the text which makes it look pretty.


  1. It is an easy read. Going through the primary part, one can get a comprehensive idea of the topic and study the arguments portrayed by the writer.


  1. All the guidelines and instructions are well maintained in an exceptional essay. It has an organised structure and a neat format.


  1. The essay has a specific and clear central ideafor term paper writing service which develops progressively.


  1. The essay is well-focussed. It highlights the topic from the beginning to the end. The focus is maintained on the subject throughout the paper.


  1. There is no repetition of words or ideas in the whole essay. The information, examples, arguments and reasoning are related to the topic strongly. They are mentioned in the order of the relativity and the significance of the subject.



  1. A stellar essay consists of well-researched information. It incorporates discussions, arguments, fact , dissertation help singaporeand figures taken from articles or journals provided by well-educated scholars, eminent professors, renowned journalists and prolific writers.


  1. The essay is generally divided into a five-paragraph structure- an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs consists of an explanation of the main idea, arguments, evidence, and one concluding paragraph.


  1. A stellar essay starts with a strong introduction. It provides the reader with information on the research question and its significance. The introduction makes the essay look interesting and motivates the audience to read it. It provides a “road map” of the composition in a logical order.


  1. The body of the essay is crafted with expertise. It is the meat of a perfect essay. This segment consists of the evidence and the arguments apart from the explanation of the author’s idea. It also includes concrete examples and statistics to support the argument.


  1. The conclusion of a flawless essaywith good dissertation writing services consists of the summary of the content. It is a wrap up of arguments and points. It not only restates the primary arguments, but also ensures to leave an impression on the reader, providing them something to think about mainly if the essay is argumentative.


  1. A model essay always consists of references to other people’s work. It also includes recommendations (if applicable).


  1. It is thoroughly revised and free of any punctuation, spellings, grammatical and typo errors.


These features make an essay brilliant and remarkable. Try to abide by the suggestions while writing an essay next time and notice the difference in your grades!


Summary: Composing an exemplary essay is not a piece of a cakewalk. Students often find themselves at wit’s end trying to figure out the primary features that make an essay spectacular with essay help. This article provides some valuable information regarding the features of a brilliant essay that will fetch the best grades.


Author Bio: Diana Rosell is an eminent professor at a distinguished university in New York. She has pursued his PhD in literature from the University of Edinburgh. She organises literature seminars for the students.