When it comes to your cabinet baseboards, you have a lot of options to choose from. Such as aluminum skirting boards, wooden skirting boards, and the like. Are you worried about it?

   MDF Baseboard: A pre-primed/pre-finished baseboard with high resistance to warping and swelling. It is easy to maintain and more affordable than other types of skirting boards.

Cork Baseboards: These can be stained, painted, sanded, and refinished to give your home a natural look.

    Hardwood Baseboards: This is a great way to add a classy appeal to your home, especially for historic homes with oak accents. Wooden skirting has a good decorative effect, especially solid wood skirting, for those who pursue quality, it can improve the grade of home improvement. Environmentally friendly and safe. However, solid wood skirting is not only expensive and has poor wear resistance, but it is also prone to moisture and moth, especially when you buy bad wood.

Metal baseboards are hard and have a long service life. The snap-in installation method is simple and convenient, and the metal texture makes the baseboard look tall and modern.

    The kitchen PVC skirting board is not only highly selective in color matching, but also very particular in style. Rigid baseboards made of polymer foam technology can replace wood and MDF materials and are resistant to insects, water, and solvents. It is also possible to make wood grain patterns on the surface.

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