The Patentability Search Service helps in identifying if the invention is suitable for patenting i.e. if the innovation is a patentable subject matter. It provides comprehensive information about patented inventions, scientific literatures, research papers and articles in the technology of your interest. If you have a new invention that you would like to patent, but before committing your resources to prepare and filing your patent application, it's a good idea to do a patent qualification i.e. a prior art search first. 

Discoverers, originators who invented something new, are bound to make mistake, that there is nothing like their innovation/product in the market.That could be true but patentability involves much more than the market alone. Several ideas have been patented, but for some practical reason, for example, bad timing, lack of suitable materials, financial difficulties, or whatever—they are yet to find their way into the market. If your invention is unique and novel, then it must be filed for obtaining intellectual property rights. If your present invention technologies get a match with any of the patented technology, then the IP application of your invention will be rejected by the IP office. However, a good patentability search helps to design around and change the scope of claims to maximize chances of patent grant. Always ensure your invention is new and not obvious, before applying, and a patentability search study helps you in this investigation and testing the IP uniqueness standards.

Reasons to Consider a Patentability Search Service

  1. It has been seen many times that inventors need a financial backup to monetize their idea. This necessitates seeking capital from investors which exposes them to the risk of idea theft. If they file for a patent beforehand, they get a guarantee that no investor can steal their creation.
  2. Patentability Search is necessary to know whether the invention is unique or not. Patentability search data reflects that the invention meets the patentability criteria i.e. novelty or non-obviousness, then an expert patent drafter can craft optimally scoped claims resulting in better protection with speedy and economical patent prosecution.
  3. If the invention meets the patent eligibility criteria, you will consider improving it in the light of prior art to make it patentable. Novelty search data i.e. prior arts provide help to inventorsto better evaluate their inventions. This further helps them in forming desired improvements in their invention. Eventually, they'll be able to overcome any patentability challenges leading to a stronger application that encompasses a higher chance of getting a grant.
  4. Patentability data helps in broadly identifying the key innovators, companies, technology trends, etc. within the desired technological domains giving an improved understanding of how the invention is professed within the market & its future commercial potential.

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