When you're out swimming, lifting weights at the gym, or going to school, you won't be able to keep an eye on your valuables. That's why storing them in lockers and securing them with padlocks is vital to keeping your belongings safe. However, this raises the question: what is the best lock for a locker? Here are some of the qualities that lock factory makes for the best padlocks for your lockers, as well as some varieties to consider.

Features to look for in a locker padlock
While there are many locker padlocks on the market, determining the absolute best padlock can be a challenging job. Everyone has their own needs and preferences, and the lockers they want to protect may also be different. Therefore, the best padlock for a locker will vary depending on the situation. With that in mind, when looking for the best padlock for your needs, consider the following qualities:

Color options. While many locker padlocks come in metallic silver and other metallic shades, some come in several different colors. This personalization option makes it easier for homeowners to spot their locker in a row of other lockers, especially if they haven't had one in a long time.
life. Some locks have a longer lifespan than others, so research how much maintenance a particular make or model requires before buying.
Bigger is not always better. If the padlock is too big or too small for your locker, it probably won't fit. Before buying a new lock, measure your locker to determine the best size.
The purpose of a lock is to keep things safe, so the more durable it is, the less likely it will break. Locks made from metals like hardened steel will definitely get the job done, so look at the unlocked material before making a decision. If you plan to use the lock outdoors, consider purchasing a weatherproof padlock so it can withstand harsh weather.
Grip style. Rotating the combo dial is easier when the grip is smooth. Try the lock beforehand to see how comfortable it is to unlock it.
Type of locking system. Different locks use different unlocking methods in more modern styles, such as combinations, keys and even fingerprints. Consider which type of functionality is best for your use before purchasing.
Best padlocks for brass padlocks for sale lockers
Once you've become familiar with the qualities of a good locker padlock, check out the padlock types below to see which one is best for your needs!