Synthetic wigs have a number of advantages over natural straight hair wigs, the most notable of which is the ease with which synthetic wigs can be maintained. They tend to dry much more quickly and easily than natural human hair wigs wholesale, and they also tend to hold their style and shape better than natural human hair wig.

In addition, they are typically lighter and cooler to wear during the hot summer months. The fact that they are made of synthetic fibers means that you won't have to worry about their color changing when exposed to the sun. When you combine this with the lower cost and widespread availability of synthetic wigs, it's easy to see why so many women prefer them to natural virgin hair wig. If you want your synthetic wig to last for a long time, it's critical that you take good care of it.


The first thing you'll need to do is purchase synthetic wig shampoo that is made specifically for synthetic wigs. Never use a regular shampoo on a synthetic wig because it will damage it.

Place a teaspoonful of wig shampoo in a bowl of cool water and stir thoroughly. Never use hot water on a synthetic wig because it will damage it.

Carefully remove your wig from the basin and squeeze out any excess water with your fingers. Never twist or wring your wig out of shape.

Gently pat your wig dry with a towel to remove any excess moisture.

Using a hair conditioner after each wash and before the final rinse, you can keep your wig in excellent condition.

When your wig is not in use, keep it on its wig stand to keep it clean. This will aid in the preservation of its shape and style.
Synthetic wigs should be washed every 15-20 times they are worn, according to industry standards. If you wash your wig too frequently, you run the risk of shortening its lifespan. In addition, keeping your own hair clean underneath the hairpiece can help to reduce the frequency with which your hairpiece needs to be washed, which may further assist in extending its overall life. Keep in mind to have your wig professionally styled at least once a month to keep it looking fresh.

By following these synthetic wig care instructions, you should be able to enjoy your synthetic wig for an extended period of time!