Blunderbuss is a powerful new weapon in New World, which was released in March of this year. This gun is capable of inflicting massive damage to our enemies while being well balanced. This makes this weapon a very interesting ranged weapon in New World. Let us introduce you to Blunderbuss in New World.

Blunderbuss Overview

The Blunderbuss is a new varied tool in New World. It has a variety of capacities designed to give long-range damages, debuffs, CC, and wheelchair. The two trees, Containment, as well as Chaos are rather balanced hereof - as in there are options on both sides of the tree for various kinds of capabilities, which will certainly be chosen based upon what utmost skill you wish to pick up with the Blunderbuss.

Containment can be taken into consideration the closer-range tree of the two: capacities like Net Shot and also Claw are designed to shut the space in between you as well as the enemy/provide CC and also damage at close quarters. The disorder is extra regarding dealing longer-range barrage damages with capacities like Splitting Grenade and also Mortar Charge.

Build characters with Blunderbuss in New World

Blunderbuss Tank

We had one of the most fun with a tanky, stamina, as well as a Constitution-focused Tank Blunderbuss construct, alongside the Sword and also Shield, Hatchet, or Great Axe. For the new Expedition, we ran it with Sword as well as Shield as well as played as the storage tank. The Carnelian gem on the Claw Shot capability is fantastic for drawing aggro at distance, whereas the general CC of Net Shot and also some stronghold passives along the Containment tree felt fun to use.

Blunderbuss PvP

We ran Azoth Shrapnel blast for close-range damage, Bouncing Grenade for varied damage as well as location control, and also Blast Shot, which knocks down enemies and gives CC in PvP. Alternatives consist of replacing Bouncing Grenade with Claw Shot for far better CC as well as gap-closing.

Dual Down is an explosively strong proficiency passive (reduces cooldown considerably), yet the damage from Unload can not be disregarded. Because of this build's focus on Bouncing Grenade and also Blast Shot it does make sense to enter into Double Down. Explore the two and see what matches you much better.

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