Voice calling plays a crucial role in personal and professional communication. Be it a friendly conversation among classmates or a business deal between companies – voice calling has been the most easy, convenient, and affordable way to communicate for decades. Thus, communication corporations and developers have brought in innovative ways to integrate their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and invent newer ways of voice communication.

Voice API is referred to as a tool that allows software developers to integrate calling features using an Application Programming Interface (API). Developers build a chat app with voice functionality and Voice APIs let these apps make and receive phone calls acting as a bridge to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

These voice APIs are highly flexible for developers as they simplify the app's design and development by saving money and time. APIs are considered to be the most simplified way to connect any infrastructure through cloud-native app development, wherein they also permit the developers to share their data with other external sources.

List of Top 10 Voice APIs Providers for Android ,iOS and Web Apps
CONTUS MirrorFly Voice Call API
Plivo API
Vonage API
Twilio API
EnableX API
MessageBird API
and more...

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