Bead Curtains

Stringed colorful beads can easily fulfill the main function of curtains. And they add a bit of joy and beauty to the atmosphere of your home. Depending on your taste you can choose different sizes and colors of beads or go for a monochrome version.

 Stained glass windows

The fashion for stained glass windows is gaining momentum in modern interiors. Undoubtedly, stained glass is not a pleasure from the cheap. But they give the interior additional comfort and a sense of magic.

Among other things, such decor allows you to expand space without using curtains and drapes.

 Decorative film

Adhesive films are a cheaper and more functional substitute for frosted glass.

They are sold in all sizes and come in a variety of designs, from monochrome patterns to vivid landscapes. Such décor will stand out against a blank wall.

But if you want your design to be completely unique then you should not stop only at the choice of curtains or of replacement. Look around and find a unique design for your room.

It could be a wall decoration in the form of panels or a painting on canvas such as a middle earth map. Whatever you choose will be your decision and your unique home design.