The monsters will be attacking people and if they do die, they will not be able to lose anything other than the wood they took and they will be returned to the point where you dropped from the tree RS Gold. The second word is if you win , then you receive tickets. What you will find out is that you lose all points that your team was awarded by 2. That's how many tickets you get...

What exactly is an security scroll? It's like a clue and is, however, based on security. You can get one either from an Security Guard or From the creatures in the S.O.S.

Security Scrolls. As we have said before, the Security Scroll is a clue scroll. However, it can have security based questions. Like " when should you make changes to your password?" You can get rewards similar to clues, however they will not be as great as clues with higher levels. A security scroll is one that is lower than level 1.

Here is some example of questions. Thinking in a room were there is a chance for parties to take place is a great way of getting another clue! Maybe if I dance in the cooking guild , wearing an apron of brown I'll discover a second clue. It's telling me that I should salute a person who is close to him. Karamja volacanoe! The hot coals makes me jump for joy, particularly when I'm in leather shoes!

I'm going to a dance party at the castle of Lumbridge. Karmaja fishing docks make me laugh! Sometimes I get a clue to wear an amulet Varrock Castle chruch? That sounds like a good place to celebrate Buy Old School RuneScape Gold! Maybe I'll feel more sacred wearing a monk's top! Just next to the mining guide is a spot where Dwarfs like to dance!