Gibson's Film [1995]

By Patricia Bauer • Editorial History

Braveheart Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson in Braveheart

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Awards and Honors: Oscar (1996)

Braveheart, a historical epic film, war movie, released in 1995, starring director Mel Gibson, loosely based on the story of 13th century Scottish leader William Wallace. The war movie won the Oscar for Best Picture.


After William Wallace's father and older brother died in battle with the British, Wallace was sent to continental Europe for education. He returns to Scotland (played by Gibson) as an adult, and marries his childhood friend Mullen (played by Katherine McMack). When British soldiers tried to rape Mullen, Wallace rescued her, but the soldiers tried again and she was captured and executed.


Wallace then led the clan to slaughter the British garrison, continuing the fight to expel the British from Scotland. As his deeds spread, his following continued to grow. He led his large army to victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, then he invaded England and sacked Yorktown. King Patrick McGoohan of England sent his son's wife, Sophie Marceau, to negotiate with Wallace, but she was captivated by him and became his ally. She warned Wallace of an imminent British invasion. Wallace sought the support of the Scottish nobles in his struggle against the British, but the nobles were reluctant. Roibert Briuis (Angus mcfadden) is especially sad. After the Scottish nobleman betrayed Wallace, Scottish soldiers were defeated by an army led by King Edward at the Battle of Falkirk. Wallace attempted to kill Edward, but was intercepted by a gunman who turned out to be Robert the Bruce. Robert then rescued Wallace from being captured by the British. Over the next few years, Wallace waged guerrilla warfare against the British. Later, he agrees to meet Robert in Edinburgh, but old Robert (Ian Bannan) and other nobles set a trap and take Wallace captive.


During the long and painful execution, Wallace refused to succumb to mercy, instead shouting: "Freedom!" In conclusion, Roibert Briuis leads the Scots at the Battle of Bannockburn defeated the British.