Preet Tractor is one of the most popular tractors for commercial farming. Farmers are very satisfied with the performance of the tractor. Preet tractor offers a 25 HP to 90 HP range of tractors which helps to perform every farming task efficiently. The company is famous in the agriculture sector for its high-quality products. This tractor makes riding tired-free so farmers can work for long hours. This tractor is suitable for orchards and gardens. The engine is perfect for unfavourable weather, climate, soil and fields. It is a multitasking tractor that can easily handle implements. Preet tractor comes under a suitable tractor price range for farmers. 

Following are the 2 popular models of the Preet tractor

Preet 955

Preet 955 has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1800 kg. the tractor weight 2100 kg, comes with a wheelbase of 2150 MM and offers a ground clearance of 475 MM. It has a dry-type dual-clutch, which provides smooth and easy functioning. The tractor type is power steering and water sealed oil brakes in it. The fuel tank capacity is 65 litres of this model. It is available in the market at Rs. 6.52 - 6.92 Lakh*. 

Preet 6049

Preet 6049 tractor has an 1800 hydraulic lifting capacity and has an overall weight of 2200 Kg. The Tractor has heavy-duty dual-clutch and multi-disc oil-immersed brakes. This model has a 60 HP tractor. It is available in India at Rs.  6