They tied a lot of Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the things which should have happened already on other areas in one neat episode and expounded on it. I would even wager it was better than just how things was paced on Phantasy Star Online 2 narrative. And also did I just watch, that was a neat thing to place there, today I need to also see. In addition, I adore the miniature backstory to get Gettemhart, ideally more background to develop him and Shina more. This were neatly packed, and address a few holes Phantasy Star Online 2 left. Though one addition which may occur here that does not occur in game would be how Affin would affect Ulc's departure, he'd have a crush on her. Theo's hit hard too, and we'll certainly see him in the later eps.

Okay only listen me out. As a PSO2 participant, I discovered this adaptation is really well composed. Back in episode 1 of Phantasy Star Online 2 when this Darkers invasion occurred on Themis ship, we do not have fking notion of what's occurring. I remembered back when I played with it, I was so fking pissed how they managed Ulc death. Fundamentally you go do your mission, hit the last place and fought Dark Ragne and that is it.

Suddenly when you get back to your ship, one of the goals is needed for you to interact with Theodore. At that moment, Theodore is on the point of depression/break since he"lost" someone. After a few clearing other goals and piecing the puzzle, it's shown that Ulc is the person that Theodore referring to. I don't even know cheap PSO2 Meseta that she had been dead and how did she die. We don't even encounter Ulc anywhere in the mission and suddenly she just poofed out of presence. It was so awful that I forgot who's who. I don't even care about Theodore before the end of Episode 2.