DG Parts print heads can prevent your printer from printing properly. You can spot them by looking for streaks or partially printed print jobs. Your printer may also display an ink-low warning message, which indicates it needs maintenance. If you have a dirty print head, you can simply replace it. Otherwise, you will need to replace the cartridge. If the problem continues, you can consult your manufacturer for recommendations. But first, let's understand what causes dirty print heads.

Ink: The print head's ink-sensitive unit is located on the side of your printer. If it is not working properly, you'll have to replace the ink cartridges. Fortunately, you can clean the print head yourself using the control panel buttons. The print head can be removed to reveal the clogged ink. You can also replace the ink cartridges and the print head. This way, you'll have a clean printhead without having to pay a dealer.

Thermal Print Heads Have a Very Small Firing Range

Early thermal heads can only print at 600-700 dpi. But improvements have made them more efficient by increasing their firing range. The firing rate is usually eight to twelve khz per chamber. The firing speed can be as low as one picoliter. While thermal printheads are faster than continuous inkjet and piezo DOD printers, they lack the power and precision of continuous inkjets and piezo-DOD printers. Another disadvantage of this technology is that the ink has to be separated from the paper face by a gap. The surface tension of the ink pulls it into the chamber through a narrow channel attached to the ink reservoir. Most thermal inks are water-based and contain dyes and pigments as colorants.

The Print Head Is a Critical Part of Any Printer

Whether you're printing a text file or a complex logo, it's vital to maintain it properly. A clean print head can help ensure high-quality printing and improve the quality of your output. So, it's important to regularly clean your printer to protect your print head and prevent premature replacement. There's no reason to put off a replacement because you've just damaged it.

The Print Head Is an Important Part of a Computer Printer

It allows the printer to write on paper by spraying ink onto the paper. Its electrical circuits and nozzles make it possible to write on the paper. It also contains a moving product, including a platen roller. A misaligned print head will cause the ink to run out too quickly, resulting in an unusable print. Then, the entire machine will be rendered useless.

The Print Head Is the Most Important Component of Any Printer

It is crucial to maintain the print head in order to keep it in good shape. Cleaning your printer's print heads is the best way to ensure the optimum performance of your machine. After cleaning the print heads, you can install them back into your printer. After installing them, you can see how easy they are to use. If you're a professional, you'll be surprised at how quickly they can be installed in your machine.

Generally, a print head will wear down after a couple of years. To keep your print heads in good condition, you should use ink as often as possible. Dust can clog the print head and prevent it from functioning properly. To do this, you can use canned air to blow out the excess dust from your printer once a month. However, high-pressure compressed air and vacuums may damage your printer. When it's time to replace it, make sure you read the manual carefully and follow the directions that came with your printer.


If you have a printer that has been exposed to extreme temperatures, you may need to purchase a maintenance kit. A maintenance kit includes wipers and a capping station for the print head. Your maintenance requirements will depend on how frequently you use the machine, and how often it's used. If your printer has a warranty, you can also purchase a spare print head. But before you make your purchase, make sure you've read the manual.

If you need to replace your print head often, you can purchase a print head maintenance kit. It contains cleaning solutions and other necessary items for your printer. A maintenance kit includes a cloth for wiping the print heads. If you need a replacement, you can also choose a replacement kit for the print head. Depending on your usage, a maintenance kit can save you money in the long run. If you want to keep your printer running at maximum efficiency, purchase a maintenance kit.