Eicher tractor is a well-known brand for producing heavy-duty commercial vehicles with tractors in India. These tractors are available in India with an HP range of 18 HP to 60 HP. Also, Eicher tractors are available in the best price range of Rs 2.90 Lakh* to Rs 3.10 Lakh*. Let’s look at the Eicher tractor models in India with complete specifications. 

2 Popular Tractor Models in India

1. Eicher 333

  • The Eicher 333 comes with a 45-litre fuel tank and 1600 Kg lifting capacity that is the best combination for buyers. 
  • The Draft Position and Response Control Links attach the implement easily. 
  • The tractor model provides a turning radius and least wheelbase, High fuel efficiency, economic mileage. 
  • The 333 Eicher tractor price is economical.
  • This tractor model requires less maintenance which saves extra money. It also comes with the best accessories such as Hook, Toplink, Canopy, Bumper. 
  • The 12 v 75 Ah battery and 12 V 36 A alternator makes it highly durable. 

2. Eicher 548

  • Eicher 548 is a hi-tech tractor in 45 to 48 HP range and mated to 8 Forward + 2 Reverse Gearbox.
  • Its engine capacity is 2945 cc, which generates 2200 rpm to aid in various agricultural operations.
  • The 548 Eicher comes with a 45-litre fuel tank which is huge and saves money.
  • The tractor engine has an air-cooled system to maintain the heat level in the engine.
  • Eicher 548 HP is powerful and helps plough the fields and roll small square bales.
  • It has a turning radius of 3750 mm with brakes and a ground clearance of 380 mm.
  • Eicher 548 has an Oil Immersed Brake, which is very safe and fast.
  • The 548 Eicher comes with a dual-clutch and power steering.

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