I get people want to Mut 21 coins see someone new win awards rather than the same player repeatedly. But man give donald the same quantity of 1on1s and theres no way he doesnt hit 20+ sacks. Or give Watt the exact same amount of dual and triple teams and I bet he doesnt get to the QB just as much.

13.5 in the inside while being double and triple teamed is a huge reason why Leonard Floyd set up the numbers he did. Watt certainly a great player and if it wasnt for maybe a top 5 player ever regardless of standing in donald he'd be dpoy.

Thanks! It is my first time doing something like that and is something I enjoy doing in my spare time so words of encouragement are very appreciated.

 YeahhI discovered with his Madden cards despite playing IDL and being listed at DT on PFR he's called a RE, technically incorrect but it's more to do with defensive strategies (but hey, Donald is also recorded at DT and I have him RE haha) Wish scheme-positions were a thing on Madden but EA do not appear to wish to add them in.

Bias aside I think Bolles deserves it on Mmoexp Madden nfl 21 coins Williams. Bolles had 3 less penalties allowed(7 to Williams' 10) and 4 less sacks(0 to Williams' 4) while playing 58 more snaps. True Williams defeats him on overall grade by 1 stage mainly due to conduct obstructing but Bolles was on the point of being fired this past year, now he is arguably the best LT at the league and undoubtedly at the AFC.