In special times, health has become a word that cannot be bypassed, so air purifiers, fresh air, steam mops, disinfection cabinets, etc. have become popular commodities, presenting a situation of "hard to find one machine". Of course, this also includes Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner.

Why does the mite remover appear?

The official point of view is that people pay attention to quality of life and want a cleaner environment, so technology products occupy people's lives. This is not wrong, but, in detail, it can be divided into three types:

  1. The birth of the mite removal instrument is inevitable. The sub-categories promote the upgrading of consumption. When soap first appeared, it could clean the whole body and wash clothes. Later, soap, shampoo, laundry detergent , hand sanitizer... Subdivisions appear again and again, subverting our living habits and promoting the upgrade of consumption. (It is necessary to say here that the predecessor of the mite removal instrument is the vacuum cleaner)
  2. Time is getting less and less. Most of modern people's life is devoted to work. It is rare to have a weekend. If you want to rest or have fun, you have time to dry the quilt to clean the mites, but it is cloudy, and the humid and stable environment becomes A breeding ground for mites, and your allergic reaction begins.
  3. It is difficult to clean. It is not the mites that really make you allergic, but the feces of the mites and the corpses of the mites.

Is it necessary to buy a mite removal device when you have a vacuum cleaner at home? For information about UV Dust Mite Controller, please continue to follow us, we will continue to update.