Next, the Observation Elevators Manufacturer will introduce the methods for controlling the leakage of elevator pits:

1. Clean up the base layer: firstly, the water accumulated in the foundation pit of the elevator shaft and the interlayer is removed to clean the base layer;
2. Hole layout: Construction operators search for leaks one by one from the beginning of the elevator shaft pit and mark them with red spray paint. The method of marking is determined according to the location of the leakage. Large areas of leakage are marked with dense red dots, and cracks are marked with red ×. Generally, they are alternately marked every 250px along the direction of the crack. A single water point is used. Red ○ mark;
3. Drilling construction: After the hole is laid, the construction worker who follows closely holds the electric drill at a 45º angle with the base surface at a distance of 3 to 100px next to the leak point according to the red mark, and the hole diameter is (10mm) the diameter of the grouting nozzle The drilling depth is half of the thickness of the structural layer. The hole marked with red dots should be shallow, and the hole marked with red × should be deeper and slightly inclined towards the crack. The point marked with a red circle should be deep in depth until there is bright water flowing out; then install the grouting nozzle in the place where the hole is drilled, and set it as deep as possible, only showing 1 to 37.5px outside the wall and tighten it.
4. Grouting construction: the grouting is carried out by an electric grouting machine, and a pressure gauge is installed at one end of the grouting pipe. When the grouting volume of each hole section of the grouting is less than 5L / min, and reaches the design pressure, it is stable for 10min, check When the water absorption of the hole is less than 1.0L / min per meter, the grouting is completed, and then the next construction is carried out;
5. Sealing treatment: after the grouting is finished, the grouting nozzle is chiseled off, and then closed with a rigid plugging material;
6. Brushing: After grouting, brush 4mm Jishi Tu 101 flexible waterproof mortar.

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