The most commonly used kind of  best canada pnp consultants in dubai  is for spouses, common law partners grandparents, parents and children. But Did you realize that individuals are also able to sponsor their close relatives in Canada? This program is only for people who are not able to establish an immediate family member in Canada and do not have immediate relatives to whom they can offer sponsorship. The program is also referred to by"the "Lonely Canadian" or "Other Relatives" sponsorship

Who is eligible to be an advertiser under the Lonely Canadian program?

It is the Lonely Canadian program is a category that is for those who have no family members in Canada. To be able to qualify as a sponsor one must be Canadian permanent resident has to be able to prove that they do not possess one among the following

  • A common-law partner or spouse,
  • children,
  • grandparents or parents who are still alive.

The sponsor should also prove that they don't possess any relatives that are Canadian citizenship or are permanent residents who reside in Canada:

  • siblings,
  • aunts or uncles,
  • nieces, nephews, or
  • grandchildren

This program is specially designed for people who do not are related to any of their immediate relatives members to sponsor and are left with none of their family members in the blood (or adoptive) family members in best canadian immigration consultants .

Reunification of families is a major concern for Canada

The aim for this Lonely Canadian sponsorship program is family reunion. IRCC recognizes that in certain circumstances the Canadian citizens or PR could live by themselves in Canada and might not have immediate relatives to support. This could be due to the person was never was married or had the name of a partner, or because others in the immediate family might have passed away. In these situations, IRCC will allow this person to sponsor a second family member to visit Canada for a single time. Only family members connected by adoption or blood are eligible to be sponsored, regardless of the age.

The requirements to sponsor a relative to Canada

To sponsor a relative move to Canada and to become Permanent Resident under best immigration consultants in dubai.Who can't sponsor a family member to Canada?

Apart from the particular guidelines outlined above Lonely Canadian Program requirements also have the same fundamental  like other Canadian immigration programs. You might not be eligible to sponsor your relative to Canada If you:

  • Declared bankruptcy, but haven't received their release until now.
  • Social assistance is available (other than being disabled)
  • Are you in the process of paying off an immigration loan you haven't paidback, are in default, or are making missed or late payments
  • Are you in jail or prison?
  • Are you a PR located outside of Canada
  • Are you a PR who does not satisfy your residency requirements
  • Have sponsored a relative in the past, but didn't fulfill the requirements of the arrangement

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