A Canadian work visa is a permit provided to foreign employees to work within the maple country for a particular period.

You must apply for a Canada work permit visa only after acquiring an employment offer from an employer in Canada. The employer should get a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada). The ESDC gives the Canadian employers authorization to hire skilled workers from overseas for jobs that can’t be filled in with the residents or citizens of Canada.

Canada is among the prime economies of the world. Besides that, it is a fantastic place for those looking for jobs overseas. Canada work permit lets permanent employees, students, businesspersons, students, etc., work within the maple country. In general, applicants must hold an employment offer letter to submit a petition for a work visa.

Benefits of Holding a Work Visa in Canada

Yearly, a significant percentage of persons are issued work visas to get employment within Canada. This can be an excellent chance for the workers from overseas who want to fulfil their dreams. One can enjoy all the following benefits under the Canadian work visa:

  1. Permitted to work under the Canadian employer mentioned in the visa application
  2. Can earn in Canadian dollars
  3. Travel anywhere within the boundaries of Canada
  4. Can submit an application for Dependent Visas for calling their dependent children or spouse to Canada.
  5. Can apply for permanent residence

Who Is Eligible For A Canadian Work Visa?

Those applying for a work visa permit must prove that they are entitled to take the employment offer. If you want to apply for a work visa permit for Canada, you must fulfill specific eligibility requisites. Also, keep in mind that all your documents must be in either English or French. This visa is best for the foreign students, temporary employees, and those who want to work in this country.

Let us now discuss the documents needed to apply for a Canadian Work Visa.

  1. Proof of application fee
  2. A couple of passport-sized pictures
  3. A valid passport that has a validity of over six months
  4. Educational qualifications certificates
  5. Medical test from a licensed hospital
  6. Proof of finances for covering the daily expenditure during the stay
  7. Proof of employment experience.

Every work visa applicant must also assure the migration officers that they would come back to their native country following the end of their job.