Generally, when testing the quality of China Stainless Steel Sink, we will analyze various problems such as material, thickness, hole depth, and flatness.

1. Material-hardness, gloss
Generally 301,304,430 stainless steel. 304DDQ stainless steel is the best. Lightweight, abrasion resistant, high temperature resistant, aging resistant and non-rusting. For example, Moen uses high-quality 304 stainless steel.

2.Thickness-overall stiffness
Generally it is 0.7 ~ 1mm.

3. hole position-back, center, side
The rear position is the best, so that there is more space for use in the lower part of the cabinet. Lateral position.

4.Edges-thin, narrow, straight
Generally, the side height is less than 4mm, and the side width is less than 20mm. The best is to make the countertop flat and prevent side leakage.

5.Depth-shallow, deep
Generally> 180mm is the best, the basin is deep, the washing capacity is large, and it is splash-proof.

Generally, the inspection of China Stainless Steel Sink will be tested from the above aspects.

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