Solis is one of the popular tractor brands in India that has a great position among Indian farmers. The brand produces many special quality tractors for different farming and commercial operations. Solis tractor brings an advanced crop solution that improves farming conditions, providing high production and yield. 

Solis Tractor For Farming 

Solis offers a good range of tractors with modern and advanced features. The excellent tractor range starts from 27 hp to 60 hp, perfect for cultivation, planting, sowing, harvesting, etc. These tractors offer high performance, impressive design, reasonable price, making them the most liked tractors of Indian farmers. 

Solis Tractor 

Solis Tractor has many advanced quality features that provide good work excellence, the best user experience, a relaxed ride, and, most important, a safety system. In addition, these tractors are reliable, durable, versatile, and handle and complete all the farm operations timely without any extra effort. 

Popular Solis tractor in India:- 

Solis 4515 E - 48 hp - Rs. 6.30 - 7.90 Lakh* 

Solis Hybrid 5015 E - 50 hp - Rs. 7.30 - 7.70 Lakh* 

Solis 4215 E - 48 hp - Rs. 6.50 - 6.90 Lakh*

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