If you are planning to transport a car, you think about loading the car in a carriage and dragging it by a truck from the front. However, it is difficult to choose which trailer or cargo can make your plan possible. There are different types of trailers and trucks options for transporting vehicles. When someone suggests you look for an enclosed car hauler sale, you need a complete understanding of the types of car hauler trailers available. Here are some common types of trailers to do a table lookup.

Open trailers

Open car transport is the standard method in the shipping industry. These trailers can transport any type of car from vintage cars to sports cars. You can either drive the vehicle onto the trailer or put the car on the trailer board using a lifting device. Open car carriers have more space and flexibility as compared to a tow dolly. The floor of the trailers usually comes in standard size so that they can carry all types of modern cars. Open trailers can carry more than one car at a time, which makes them an affordable transport option.

Single car haulers

Big auto companies usually make the shipping arrangement days before the journey starts. This makes them easy to stack up vehicles that are going to a destination at one go. However, if they get short notice, they need a single-car hauler that can carry a car to a specific destination. Such a trailer has a small space yet big enough for loading one car. If you want to transport a classic car to a nearer distance, a single-car hauler is ideal for the job.

Enclosed car trailers

The most ethnic way of shipping a car is by using an enclosed trailer. The carriage is enclosed by strong walls of metals from all sides, ensuring protection from all types of weather and prying eyes during transport. The floor of the trailer is lower to the ground allowing you to load the vehicle with ease. They come in aluminum and steel bodies. You can load or unload the car safely using a winch. Since an enclosed trailer is a box-shape carriage, it provides enough room for storing vehicle spare parts inside the confinement.

If you are looking for a trailer that complies with long-distance hauling, buy the best-enclosed car trailers. Look for a manufacturer that offers products made of steel beam, steel tube, and aluminum tube at affordable rates. You can easily find the best manufacturers online offering the best deal for quality trailers.

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