Sujan Industries provides payment rate control links to enterprises across the world. Some of the key features of our control arms are as follows: 

  • Static and durability testing and verification 
  • Bond test validation 
  • CAE design analysis
  • Guard against corrosion on steel parts
  • Precision tolerances for quick alignment and installation.

Control links are the key safety parts of the rest design of a vehicle and railcar. These are mainly produced to support the axle location of the railcar and to prevent braking and traction forces. In the railway sector, control arms enable the bogie to arrange the curved track in a safe way. There are mainly three main parts: bushing, ball joint, and link.


Stainless steel or buy casting is the result of ceramics around a wax pattern to make a shell for casting stainless steel. Once there a wax pattern is developed, they are liquefied into the gate system, submerged in slurry and sand to develop a layered shell, and then replaced by melted stainless steel.