If you would like such an environment, pservers are the only area you will discover it. You absolutely will not get it out of blizzard. In the wow classic gold event that you or anyone else wants information on a new vanilla pserver with proven and dependable management launch at the near-moderate future, pm me.

All you can hope for at this stage is an enjoyable launch and grind to 60, then deleted your character and move on.Byebye 50% or more of the playerbase. I really could get people banned with a simple microtransaction with a single click. Nothing they could do to rmt.

In case a one or ban for it's enough for buy gold wow classic eu those players to quit, then clearly they are so hooked on RMT that they're never gont perform without it . Fantastic riddance.My God you really are a moron.Yes please. Bodyshaman on Faerlina. I would gladly waste $20 from you and decrease a gold sellers inventory for 30 days. Help me out with that.

See I had that mindset about not enjoying, I ceased back in retail WOTLK cause I noticed that the downhill direction of this game, I did not look at the game till lately.Turns out the majority of people enjoy buying games that have a in game money shop with a growth you need to buy with a subscription you need to pay to deal with bots.

 To start with, it was. You might want to look at this sub for several warnings from pirated server players about DMT farm gold injection which has result in 300+ gold flasks etc. etc..