At Present, the NFT scope and the p2e ecosystem are fetching over a major share of the economy. Popular sports like football and basketball have already entered the NFT arena. Cricket is a sport that is loved by a vast majority of people around the globe still hasn’t made its mark on this lucrative sector. However, there have been a few projects the ripple effect has still not been created. Cricket being the only game with different formats and all the formats having a separate fanbase deserves a massive NFT project. 


The wait ends here

Jump.Trade, the GuardianLink brand announces the NFT drop of the world’s first cricket NFT game. This news comes as a dessert served on a full platter for the cricket fans. The timer for the drop has already begun, and the cricket fans are joining the waitlist on a crazy level. 


  • The first phase of the game will be an NFT drop. This is a Super Loot which means the users will be unlocking exclusive cricket NFTs. What is inside the super loot is still suspense. 
  • The second phase of development is to be the launch of the cricket NFT marketplace and the play-to-earn cricket game. The players will be able to collect, trade, and earn using the game. 
  • The third phase will be the NFT real estate, where the gamers will be able to own metaverse stadiums and more.
  • The OG holders will get a token allocation in the fourth phase of development.
  • The fifth phase will be metaverse esports, where users will be able to build DAO Esports teams and challenge opponents. 
  • The sixth phase of the roadmap will be the Metaverse cricket world cup, where teams can participate and win Web3 seasonal awards. 


Final Thoughts

The road for the long journey in the  Play 2 Earn cricket Game space starts with the cricket NFT drop. Join the waitlist for the NFT drop and enroll yourself for an exciting journey in the meta cricket space.