Instagram has gained massive popularity and the attention of millions of users. The number of active Instagram users is continuously growing. The ease of use, clear navigation, and user-centric functionality make it one of the most renowned social media platforms. It has become the largest growing digital platform. From a business perspective, the social media industry is the most promising market to invest in. 

The success of apps like Instagram is convincing entrepreneurs to develop a social media application. Instagram Social media app development includes various technologies, features, and functionalities. In this guide, we will discuss the factors that are considerable to develop an app like Instagram. Let's begin!

Focus on Social Media Trends

  • Augmented reality and face filters
  • Artificial Intelligence and chatbots
  • Live streaming (live videos)
  • Video is growing
  • Ephemeral content
  • Focus on Generation Z (people born after 1998)
  • Publishing content on social media

Standard Social Media Design Practice

  • Use the shaded trending colors like Blue, green, red, etc.
  • Use the same navigation bar with notification, search functions, profile icon.
  • The design should be adapted to a particular platform
  • Offers a unique user experience.
  • Enable smooth switch from a web app design to a mobile app design 
  • Infinite scroll of posts
  • Design with simplicity and focus on user content
  • A simple search of users and relevant content

Must-have Features

  • Social authorization
  • Feed
  • Post creation
  • Post likes
  • Social notifications
  • User profile
  • Search
  • Chat
  • Push notification module
  • Analytics
  • Content management system (CMS): Admin authorization
  • CMS: Admin management
  • CMS: User management
  • CMS: Reported user management

Tech stacks Used

JavaScript UI Library

  • React


  • React Native


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Objective-C


  • Django

Web Server

  • nginx


  • PostgreSQL
  • Memcached

Web Servers

  • Gunicorn
  • JS Utility & Library
  • Immutable.js


  • JS Build Tool
  • Webpack
  • JavaScript Compiler
  • Babel
  • Load Balancer
  • HAProxy
  • Server Configuration & Automation
  • Fabric
  • IDE
  • Nuclide

Hire App Development Professionals

Developing a social media app like Instagram is a complex process. It is recommended to hire the best mobile app development company to build an innovative app. You can search for top development companies and connect with the one that best suits your business requirements. It would help if you also focused on your target audience before choosing your technology partner. 


Keep your app design simple and engaging. Add interactive design elements, graphics, and appealing visual components. Design is the most vital factor of a successful app. A pleasing app design can grab users' attention, increase traffic, and boost business productivity. 


Once your app is completed with all the required features and functionalities, release it on the desired platform. After the successful deployment of your app, users can finally install your app. 

Final Thoughts:

Many businesses are inspired by the great success of social media giants like Instagram. Social media application development is a combination of the latest technologies and app development skills. If you want to invest in a social media app, hire an experienced app developer who can convert your app idea into successful business solutions.