Create your business plan with a business plan template by adding detailed information to the pitch deck and executive summary outline.

An investor-friendly business plan should contain the following elements:

  1. The company logo, name, and contact information should be included on the cover page.
  2. Overview of the Contents
  3. 3. Describe the business plan and the opportunity for your company. Include a short history of the company and describe the basic market need and the company's solution. What is the value proposition for your company?”
  4. Answer the Question, "Who are your customers?" and address the following areas. Describe your revenue-generating strategy.”
  • Industry and market: Include relevant market research on the size, segments, niche of your product, market growth prospects, new trends, technology, and any barriers to entry in your market and industry research.
  • Competitors: Show that you are knowledgeable about the challenges and opportunities posed by outside competitors. You should include information on the products, the distribution channels, pricing, and the partnerships of your competitors. It may be worthwhile to develop a competitive matrix identifying the most important characteristics of your product.
  • Customers and end-users: Outline the target audience for your service or product. Including any testimonials from customers in this section and them in the due diligence package or appendix.
  • Market and sales strategy: Provide an explanation of how the product will reach the customer. Explain the sales cycle and process and how the product will reach the customer. Discuss marketing channels and the strategy for communicating with the customer.
  1. Services

Your product or service should be described; if you are selling a software product, include screenshots. If you haven't already launched, please let us know when you plan to launch. Describe the next steps for your R&D to build on and improve your offering. If you have any technology partnerships, talk about any intellectual property (for instance, patents, copyrights, trademarks). Be sure to mention any competitive advantages you have.

  1. People

Make sure you highlight how you've assembled the best team for the company so that investors feel they're putting their money behind you. You can also mention the company's advisors and service providers. If you wish to include any information about directors or advisors, you need their approval. If you anticipate hiring any key personnel in the near future, and you will use the funding to hire the additional team members, you should include the job descriptions in this discussion.

  1. Finances

Provide two scenarios based on your assumptions.

  1. Financed by and Used for
  • Please describe equity investment by the principals, debt (if any), and cash from operations, along with total funds raised so far.
  • Use of proceeds: What will you do with the funds? The amount you want to raise out of the market can be dependent on sales and marketing, research and development, recruiting and salaries for new hires, capital expenditures, legal and accounting costs, which will amount to the amount you are looking to raise.
  1. Goals

Outline the steps your team will take to further build the organization's value, depending on the timeline for the individual milestones. The company has successfully completed key hires, raised new financing, achieved sales milestones, launched new products, and built strategic partnerships.

  1. Annexes

Any relevant information, such as biographies of the founders and management, patent information, and customer testimonials, should be included.

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