Generally, one visits an astrologer when going through a problematic face. Astrologers read their chart and also guide Vedic or Lal Kitab Remedies. But, native keeps on suffering and none of the remedies work or even reduce the intensity of the problem. Then people go to different astrologers and finally, when their problems are not solved, they loose faith in Astrology. Actually, the fault does not lie with Astrology but with the Astrologer. I am not stating that Astrologer can change the complete fate of a person but every Horoscope has some problems which can be solved and some problems which can not be solved. It is the duty of the Astrologer to tell the native that his problem falls in which category in the first meeting itself instead of keeping eye on financial benefits. Generally, problems which do not solve easily despite of performing several remedies are due to Pitra Dosh i.e our ancestors debts or Pitra Rin. Rin means debts. These types of problems affect all of us regardless of our caste or religion.

The Pitra Dosh or Pitra Rin can cause severe problems like:-

1) Jobless or frequent loss of Job
2) No success in business enterprise despite of putting best efforts
3) Inability to get married
4) Alcohol Addictions
5) No Child, especially male child or frequent miscarriages or death of child especially male child in childhood.
6) Children take no interest in education
7) Miscarriages.
8) All members of a family, especially male members, are suffering and have similar problems.
So, simple question arise in one’s mind: Is there any special Puja for Pitra Dosh Nivaran. Or is there any special mantra to ward off evils of Pitra dosh.
There were many classical literature available earlier which gave solutions to overcome Pitra Dosh but unfortunately, before independence, most of our valuable classical texts were put into fire and our ancient temples were demolished. But by the grace of God, we still have one of the most effective remedial book in Astrology and it is known as Lal-Kitab. Lal Kitab provides best remedies for Pitra Dosh in Astrology.


How to diagnose Pitra Dosha in a Horoscope through Lal Kitab Astrology:-

1) Jupiter – (Forefathers) Pitra Rin:- If either of Rahu, Venus or Mercury are placed in 2/5/9/12 Houses of the horoscope.
Reason: Changing Family Purohit.
General Symptoms: Native destroys temple or Pipal tree nearby his house or his forefathers had done the same.
Major Symptoms: The wealth of the native starts reducing from the time his hairs start turning grey(white). The hairs may start turning grey (white) at any age. He looses his respect in society and he gets surrounded by deep sorrow and sadness.
*Remedy: Collect equal amount of money from all blood relatives and donate all the money on single day in a temple. Or stand at the main entrance of ancestral house facing outward. Look at the left side. You will find either a Pipal tree or a temple nearby within 16 steps. Serve them.
s if you are sure about it. Else take opinion from any expert.