A character in PoE trade currency constructed for the summoner role, which utilizes summoned creatures to do dirty work, is one of the builds that are fantastic for new players. It gives efficiency throughout the sport, and does not require having valuable things and placing countless hours into the game. In this chapter you will discover the passive and active skills required for this use, as well as a couple of tips that can make the sport simpler. In order to build this particular character, it is well worth choosing the Witch class, as a result of its location on the tree of passive abilities. Other classes may also work, but you'll need to make some concessions - so it is far better to focus on the witch.

If it comes to passive abilities, you can find a detailed tree in the image below. We use our skills to:

Increase the effectiveness of cloned animals (Minion) - improve their health issues, armor, elemental resistance, regeneration and harm, as well as the ability to summon more zombies and skeletons.

Improving personality endurance - we are not interested in dealing harm to the character, so the key is to boost armor, element immunity, health issues, and assure immunity to stuns (Unwavering Stance skill ).

Unlocking a number of planters for gems - these are unlocked, by the way, are not necessary for the smooth operation of the build, so that you may fill them in accordance with your needs.

Thanks to cheap poe currency these, we gain further reinforcements of these animals, in addition to the ability of Bone Barrier, which considerably increases the endurance of the character.