In the first time in over 40 years, Kingston, Jamaica hit a high of 7.9 percent inflation (and this is not even including inflation caused by the Oil Spike). Of course, periods of uncertainty like this can prompt us to reconsider our plans for investing. However, did you know that investing in real estate is among the most secure options available today?

Yes. It's exactly what you're reading: Kingston Real Estate is the best investment to make in the midst of inflation. I will explain the reasons.

Making investments into RCI Realty Plus, Jamaica Real Estate is among the most secure ways to earn income since...

The Value of Money Sitting is Diminished

The rise in interest rates (they're predicted to increase to 5 percent) is not expected to exceed the rate of inflation (expected as between and 8% annually);

Property values will continue to increase and as a result you'll beat inflation. Based on Zillow as well as Goldman Sachs, properties are anticipated to rise between 13 and 16 percent in the coming year.

We aren't in danger of prices falling abruptly or that the market will explode since we're not in the midst of a real estate bubble. Prices rise because of increased demand (the quantity of people who are looking to purchase) as well as the deficiency in supply (that means the quantity of Home Values available to purchase). It's a supply and demand thing. We're in a buyer's market.

Also known as... In this case using a fixed rate loan, you'll continue to pay it each month even though inflation rises as well as earning income since your home produces "equity", that is, you'll be capable of selling it at a higher price than the one you paid for it since the Jamaica Property continue to rise in value. And if you're in the Kingston 6 region and you decide to lease your property, you'll have both advantages as rents in Kingston 6 are constantly rising in this area


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