Ningbo Jinyi Daily Chemical Package was established in the year of 1994, we are committed to producing Lipstick Tube, Eyeliner Tube and other products.

One of the keys to the development of cosmetics companies is to expand cosmetic bottles. Everyone knows the huge profits of the cosmetics industry. Numerous capitals have also entered this field. In addition to international traditional well-known cosmetics companies occupying an absolute share of the market, there are some local traditional cosmetics companies in various domestic markets. These companies have their own foundations for survival because of their traditional reputation, but they have to go wider In the market, we need to carry out brand packaging operations.

We all know that in addition to brand influence, the consumption of cosmetics has an emotional impact. This needs to play the role of cosmetic bottles. A cosmetic bottle that is exquisitely designed and meets the aesthetic requirements of women can always attract attention on the shelf, which may promote a final consumption. Reliable product quality and exquisite cosmetic packaging have played a role in market development to a certain extent.

It can be said that in the cosmetics branding competition, the "packaging war" is a very important part. We all know that the homogeneity competition in the cosmetics industry is very serious. How to quickly update the design of cosmetic bottles and how to stand out in the appearance of cosmetic bottles is always a concern for cosmetics companies.