To defend a thesis, the student needs to prepare a special speech (report), which will indicate the most important information about the study. Today we will just tell you how to write it correctly.


The graduation report is written primarily for the defense of the thesis, since it is you who will read it before the commission. Therefore, it must be drawn up according to certain rules so that you do not have any problems when protecting. The report shows not only a certain facet of your knowledge, but their entire total amount, demonstrating what you were able to learn during the period that you spent at the university. Therefore, in this case, it is important not only what you say, but also how competently you do it.


Write the correct report for the thesis


Usually, the volume of the report does not exceed three or four printed sheets, since too much text may not fit into the time limit of the speech, which usually lasts no more than twenty minutes. When writing a report, be sure to indicate the following things: the topic of your thesis research, purpose, objectives, relevance, object and subject, the main research problems that were raised in this work, your research methods, a brief information about the structure of the work as well as a brief description of the theoretical and practical part and the results.


Also do not forget to think over the visual component of your speech. Prepare a presentation that favorably sets off the text of your speech. And also, be prepared to defend your project if it suddenly turns out to be non-trivial or controversial.


How to quickly write a graduation report?


First of all, you need to correctly calculate the time, as well as use our recommendations:

  • use the Internet, as in its open spaces there are often those books that may not be in libraries;
  • take seriously the selection of material, copy all the information you are interested in to your computer;
  • do not delay writing a report, because if you leave work on it for the last day, then most likely you will not know where to start, as your eyes will run in different directions and thoughts, by the way, too;
  • do not be afraid to use various graphic tools when preparing a report, with their help you will do it faster;
  • try to format the report correctly: you can do this by carefully listening to the requirements of your supervisor.


Typical mistakes when writing a graduation report


Often, when writing a report, students make the following mistakes, which may then affect the overall assessment of extensive scientific work:

  1. The article is not structured. This mistake is quite rude when writing a report. Therefore, it is worth remembering that the text cannot be built arbitrarily, simply pulling out excerpts from your work. Also, it must contain such concepts as the topic, purpose and relevance of the study.
  2. Illustrative material does not correspond to the text of the report. This should not happen either, since the presentation should complement the existing material, and not reflect new material in it.
  3. Unrehearsed performance. The report should definitely be reprimanded at home so as not to stutter in public speaking. Be sure to check when preparing whether you pronounce complex terms correctly, put stress in words, etc.




In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that the preparation of the report in this case is no less important work on a par with others that you did a little earlier. Try to leave a small margin of time not only for writing it, but also for working it out. So you will feel much more comfortable in front of the audience and the commission. And you will also know exactly and clearly what and in what sequence you need to say.


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