Node.js is truly shining technology used for real-time applications. Node.js is mostly used in the environment of using push notifications or push technology in different kinds of WebSockets. What is so path-breaking about it?.  Over the last 20 years, the web was constantly in a stateless, request and response paradigm.  We finally have the technology capable to produce applications that utilize two-way real-time communication systems that enables them to exchange data freely and flexibly.  This is in contrast with the typical web response that happens when the client initiates the communication with the server. This communication is based on the OpenStack web stack using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript running over the standard port number 80.


JavaScript Technology has been rising in popularity, and with that has brought numerous changes. JavaScript can be truly said to be the face of Technology today in the field of web development. The things that JavaScript animals web developers and web designers to do is truly impeccable in nature. so what is node JS and why do should we use it? Why is JavaScript based technology is so popular amongst developers and designers alike?


What is NodeJS?

Node.js is an environment that comprises of a package compilation of the Google popular JavaScript V8 engine.  This engine provides the capability for the web platforms to have an abstraction layer. The primary code of node.js is written in JavaScript with the aim to create real-time websites that have the capacity for push capabilities also known as push notifications.  using node JS, developers can work for a tool capable of non-blocking IO methods having an event-driven paradigm 


To summarise what Node.js is in one sentence, node JS truly shines in real-time Technology Web applications that make use of Push Technology over websockets. The world of development has witnessed a stateless web-based request and response paradigm after the introduction of the internet. We can say that we finally have where applications using real-time Technologies, and two-way different connections.  Using this technology both the client and server can initiate communication between the web infrastructure, in order to exchange data freely and flexibly.   Utilizing node.js, two-way communication is achieved between the client and server in a way that is sensitive about its state. 


With the different Technologies that node.js brings, it has a critical role to play in the different Technology stacks of many different high-profile companies. 


When to use NodeJS?



Chat is one of the most real-time objectives, Where are applications communicate with users in real-time.  Back in the days,  open protocols running on standard ports e were deprived of the ability e to communicate with users.  Now we have the technology infrastructure that chat Technology can be implemented using node JS running WebSocket over the standard port number 80.

The chat application always being a sweet spot for node JS, with its lightweight footprint, high traffic, and data-intensive operations, it is a distributed application running across various servers.

Because chat applications require constant data communication to happen,  node JS is the Technology that facilitates this for passing data constantly. You can Hire Nodejs Developer if you are looking for Web Development.


Realtime Gaming:

Realtime gaming is another scenario where node.js can be used to the maximum extent possible.  Because users constantly interact with the system providing valuable inputs and keystrokes to navigate and fire objects at an opponent, Node.js forms the very basis where such kind of stateful communication is possible.


DATA streaming processes

Data streaming processes is another area where node JS can be used for constant data sending and receiving for applications.  For streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix, the use of node JS for such user-centric product-based services is apt. These services focus on providing streaming services in real-time for users.  Because data and video are constantly streamed to be sent to users, this process becomes apt for which node JS is used.


Server-side applications

Along with the combination of node JS and Express,  these Technologies can be used to create classic web applications that work well which server-side Technologies.


Conclusion: So these are the areas when node.js can be used to function optimally and provide peak performance