While unboxing the present, a precious smile appearing on the little innocent face always skips a beat of every heart. When it comes to gifts such charming superstars, we generally prefer to give toys or chocolates. But does it value them to eternity?

In this personalization trend, kids are also fascinated by the personalised things that emphasise their charming little personalities. To impress the kids, you can gift them highly customised kids name plates that make them remember you ceaselessly. 

The nameplate for kids amazes them with art and the gesture of the colourful product that speaks joy and cheerfulness.

Gift them a suitable style of Kids nameplate

The kids are fascinated by creativity, you can go with 3D-relief, engraved, hand-made/painted or theme-based nameplates like forest theme.

Try out a few Jungle themes or cartoon characters. Kids love to have their favourite colourful characters with them.

Present the everlasting material:

Kids' nameplate is strong yet contains sought texture material like teak-wood, pinewood, M.D.F., Acrylic, and clay. 

The nameplates are also made on fibre, canvas, or terracotta to make the product more enchanting. This material brings budget-friendly creativity and is mainly used for D.I.Y. kid's name boards. If you are planning to make the gift more remarkable, choose the nameplate of the wooden- acrylic board. The finishing and smoothness of the product will be everlasting.

Attractive Fonts captivates the mind of a kid:

The kid's nameplate offers attractive fonts like Pacifico, Lobster, Caveat, or Comic Sans MS fonts style that enhance the look of the design. Nowadays, every decor shop also offers detailed customization features to select which type of fonts you want to add to the product. 

Features of captivating nameplates:

  • Attractive fonts make it easy to read and go with the theme of your selected design.
  • For longer names, the appealing fonts are closely aligned artistically.
  • The height of the letter is mostly between 2.5-3 inches.
  • The size of the product is around 14-15 inches.

A place to fix the kid's nameplate

If you gift the nameplate to the kid, there is the possibility that our smart superstars will be so attached to the product that they won’t let you decide what to do with the gift. But you can convince them to fix the nameplate in a suitable place that can enhance the room's beauty.

  • Attach the nameplate near the kid's study table or hang it on the doors of the cupboard.
  • Fix the nameplate at eye level or on the upper part of the door or the wall to be visible.
  • Make sure to hang the nameplate with screws, tapes or turns that keep them sturdy and hold it in a place. 
  • Avoid hanging the nameplate covering too many elements. Make sure the area is well-lit.

Surprise your Little superstars with these Cool D.I.Y. Nameplates:

The personalised products create an exultation within the mind of the kid. Nameplates symobloze the energetic vibes in the environment. If you are looking to buy the customised kids nameplates in the most suitable material, we hand our expertise for you. MDF Art offers the exclusive opportunity to buy kids nameplates online. You can buy all forms of wooden-Acrylic kids nameplates, Kids name boards, and full-fledged customised products. 

We use high-quality, valuable and with perfect finishing products that can immediately excite your little superstars. Now enhance the interior of the kid’s room with easy D.I.Y name plates.