Sildenafil is present in Suhagra, and it is more commonly referred to as the Suhagra blue pills. It is the medicine that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is an illness that is used to treat erection problems in men who are unable to maintain an erection. Numerous people cannot satisfy their sexual needs due to their inability to erect the penis.

This occurs as a result of reduced blood flow which is caused by physical injuries and medical diseases. In addition, it is caused due to a few psychological problems like stress, depression, and anxiety. The suhagra medicine is used to relax the blood vessels, which will automatically increase the blood flow in the penis. 

Let’s see some general instructions to do

You can take the Cipla Suhagra tablet without food. However, you might take longer to get the erection if you have eaten a large meal. The tablet must not be crushed or chewed. You must take only one pill a day. Even if the problem is the same in other people, you should not recommend this tablet to others. It should be taken almost thirty to forty minutes before performing the sexual activities. However, you can take it four hours before also. 

If the erection lasts for more than four hours, it is advised to talk to the doctor immediately. You should never forget that this medicine won’t work unless you are sexually stimulated. Erectile dysfunction is not treated with this medication. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by numerous reasons, including obesity, alcohol, and smoking. 

You will have to make some lifestyle changes when taking medicine. Always eat nutritious and healthy food, start exercising and make some weight management tips. Also, please note that Suhagra medicine does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases. That is why always use precautions while having sex. 

When should you avoid using it?

If you have ever had an allergic reaction to the Indian suhagra medicine, you must avoid taking it. You will notice the responses of skin rash, swelling, difficulty in breathing, and dizziness then. You must seek medical help right away. If you have been prescribed any nitrate-containing medicine, you should avoid taking suhagra tablets. It decreases the blood flow and also causes heart failure.

Your blood pressure can also drop drastically. Other adverse symptoms include dizziness, headache, and fainting may become more common. You must take a single dose only when necessary. There is no chance of skipping a dose as you have to take only one a day. You should never exceed the recommended dose. If you ever tried to take more than recommended, you might also feel extreme dizziness, fainting, and painful erection.


It is advised to visit the doctor before listening to anybody. Talk about your problems, and he will advise them in the best possible way. Suhagra from India is prescribed from person to person, and each medicine has a unique effect on each individual. Therefore, before taking any medication, visit the doctor about all the possible side effects.