As a simple Asphalt blade professional in the building and public works sector, the equipment is essential for carrying out specific tasks. Diamond blades are particularly responsible for everything related to the cutting of materials and their modeling and therefore require exemplary power and efficiency. To treat large works to be traced or to make finishes and adjustments on concrete

Concrete Diamond Blade
Your career as a builder-builder requires you to own and use quality equipment, to meet the standards imposed by the sector. The stores where to buy the best diamond blade these days are numerous, and the choices likewise. But the 230 concrete diamond blade from S&R could hold your attention, for its technical capabilities and ease of use.
With its diameter of 230 mm and its composition in a combination of cobalt, iron, and nickel with diamond dust, cutting in concrete will work like in butter.
Laser welded, this tool is mainly intended for professional use. The segments adapt to all uses, for deep cutting or surface shaping. The fineness of the diamond grains provides strong resistance to temperature and wear. However, avoid using it on reinforced concrete.
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Dry cutting: This disc is resistant and durable, even for dry work. Nevertheless, to keep it as long as possible depending on the resistance of the material to be treated, it is always preferable to lubricate it with water.
Value for money: Used wisely and in the rules, this product will serve you for a long time with the same efficiency.
Not recommended for reinforced concrete: This material is not suitable for cutting metal. This is in fact likely to quickly reduce the efficiency of the equipment, not to mention the risk of blockage or accident.
Recognized for the quality of its products, this German brand has been producing accessories for twenty years, among which you can decide which diamond blade to choose, for example. In this context, the 125 diamond blade will meet the needs of building professionals, as well as DIY enthusiasts.
This equipment is also intended to be versatile since it can be used on a portable device from a classic brand, or on a larger machine. In any case, you will make good use of it for cutting ceramics, tiles, marble, and natural calcareous stones. You can also use it in a machine as an angle or tile saw.
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Clean and precise cutting: With a cutting width of 1.6 mm, you can perform cutting and finishing in one pass.
Versatility: This disc provides several functions depending on the work to be done, namely cutting, grinding, or fretwork. So you can use it with a portable tool or an industrial machine.
Inefficiency for continuous work: Use a machine that provides the correct rotational speed for a cut to be made on an object longer than 50 cm. Otherwise, the disc will be inoperative the next time it is used.
This United states manufacturer is no longer to be presented to connoisseurs. Quality products have been its hallmark for decades, and it wouldn't be surprising to find this model of the diamond cutting disc to be the top performer in its class.

Indeed, its use intended for ceramics, as well as for other types of tiles and coatings seems effective and efficient to obtain a result without errors. Its design and Turbo qualifier simply ensure a clean, crisp cut.
Even though it is a premium disc, you can get this product without having to dip deep into your savings. Its low price and durability are a guarantee of good value for money. This disc also offers its optimal performance with equipment of the same brand, Asphalt blade but is also compatible with other brands. Still, you need to make sure you use the right gear to avoid accidents.
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Low price: Given the longevity and endurance of this product, the cost requested to have it is really interesting.
Cleanliness of use: The structure of the disc and its cutting width gives it resistance to wear and heating, to make clean and clean cuts in porcelain.
Quality finishes: The diamond matrix has been optimized to produce results without material chipping.
Mandatory adapted tool: You must use this disc with the equipment that corresponds to it. If necessary, seek advice from the seller. An error can cause dramatic outcomes