There are many rare items in the Elder Scrolls Online. Some reasons they are rare are because they discontinued, and some are because the probability of falling is too small. They can all have a positive effect on the players’ gaming experience. Players can also use these rare items to earn more ESO Gold and collect more valuable resources.

Take Jaedi and Lire Runestones as an example. In the long run, it is the rarest production material in the game. Because when the game team released it in 2014, it was discontinued not long after. They were immediately discontinued in 2014 a few weeks after their launch. This makes players think whether it will stay in the game due to the developer’s mistakes. Because the player with this material will not get XP after using it. But players must admit that weapons made of this material can indeed cause more damage to the enemy.

Before Update 12, introducing One Tamriel, there were six different Soul Gems in the game. Each type had a level range. Now that Soul Gems only come in one type now, Petty Soul Gems are exceedingly rare. Apart from this, These incredibly rare mounts can only be gained by opening Crown Crates. These are loot boxes purchased with real money. If you want one of these ESO Gold For Sale, as their drop rate is about 0.6% per chest.

Although there are not many ways players can get these items, but players can still get them through trade, it depends on the people who have these materials are not willing to sell them. If players buy more ESO Gold to entice those players, they may be able to get them. Acting now is the most sensible way, and the opportunity is not to be missed.