Not everyone is good with numbers but that doesn’t mean they are incapable of managing their finances. Fortunately, with the rise in fintech apps and fintech solutions, companies can take care of their finances in a precise manner. And maybe this is one of the core reasons why companies irrespective of their sizes and industry verticals are willing to build their own fintech apps by seeking assistance from reliable software development service providers for finance around the world.  

Financial Technologies – Fintech is mainly said when innovative digital technology is being integrated to optimize financial services. By incorporating blockchain and artificial intelligence, several ways of doing business were unleashed. Today not just companies but even consumers are asking for seamless digital payments and here fintech plays an extremely crucial role. Today 75% of banks are investing in developing a more customer-focused business model whereas Asia’s market raised to $22.65 billion. And these numbers keep on increasing now and then. 

A Few Must-Have Features to include in a Fintech App

Further, I would like to mention certain features that must be included in a fintech application development. All these features will ensure that your developed solution not just survives in the testing times but also offers more convenient services to the end-users. 

1. Biometrics and Security

In today’s times when security is the most important aspect, why should your fintech application not include it? Today, hacking happens every 39 seconds. Money is at stake, risks shouldn’t be taken at any cost. 

So, biometrics and security must be the first and foremost part of your fintech app development project. Now, what exactly are these biometric features? Well, fingerprint access, facelock, passcodes, Heartbeat sensor, and human palm veins,  just to avoid unauthorized access can be avoided at all costs. 

2. Personalization

Another crucial aspect that must be taken into consideration is personalization. Of course, here we are talking about fintech apps but who says these apps cannot offer the feeling of personalization. Try having a minimal design and in addition try to give a slight control to the end-users by personalizing the UI. 

For example, ask the end user whether they want to set push notifications reminders or not. This is not the same old pop-up asking end-users to permit them to send any such kind of message. Here users are privileged to select the reminders. Apart from this, managing cash flow or categorizing expenses can be extremely tricky or sometimes painful. Also, dealing with dozens of categories can be troublesome. By incorporating personalization, end users can remove any categories that are unnecessary and add custom ones too. 

Features like dark and light mode, different theme colours, currency, quick-search bar, language and what not! 

3. Millennial-specific Content

Today whether you are willing to develop a website or a mobile app, make sure you create keeping millennials in mind. After all, they are your precise target audiences. So make sure your fintech application must include everything from the copy to the design, and UI inclusive to millennials to grab their attention in the world of finance. 

Millennials being the generation to be online the most, their low presence in the fintech industry is a bit worrisome. However, creating a fintech app in favour of their taste can change the scenario.  

4. Voice Assistance

Another interesting yet intimidating feature that must be taken into account is voice assistance. Yes, using voice commands! In digital banking and fintech, voice-assisted technology is pretty much in vogue.

Users can make crucial interactions with the fintech app in a convenient and fast way instead of typing commands. Today, almost every fintech application consists of voice assistance features so you should incorporate it too. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

Lastly, artificial intelligence is pretty much in vogue these days. Although, by integrating artificial intelligence into fintech apps, you can offer a wide range of advantages such as operational efficiency, optimum precision, high customer support, efficient fraud detection, and so forth.  

One of the biggest advantages of using artificial intelligence is getting automated customer support. With AI-powered intelligent chatbots, there is a lot of space for considering and solving customer issues.